Heroes of the Fatherland day

Heroes of the Fatherland DayOn December 9, 2007, in our country there is a day of Heroes of the Fatherland. This prazdnichek can be considered new to the Russian Federation only partially, since before the Revolution of 1917 there was a typical equivalent of this date (November 26 old one style). Then prazdnichek days of wearing the title of Knights of St. George. In 1917, for obvious reasons prazdnichka with such a title is gone.

In 2000, the President signed Decree № 1463 "On approval of the Statute of the Order of St. Zhora, the provisions of the sign of distinction — St. George's Cross." This gave reason to loaf on what would have cost to return the special day to honor the Russian heroes. But with all this return prazdnichkom its pre-revolutionary title was not appropriate because the day George Knight bowed to only the number of errant soldiers. It was therefore decided to use the new title for prazdnichka — Heroes of the Fatherland day.

Now in Russia every year 9 December the celebration of the Order of Glory and Holy ZHoru, Heroes of the Russian Federation and the Russian Union.

Officially, the date of December 9, elected to prazdnichka is related to the establishment of the Order of St. George ZHoru in 1769. The establishment has made the Empress Catherine II, who commanded the new reward at the time of the Order, who proved himself in battle, showing courage and bravery.

Today prazdnichek covers the real elite of Russia. After all, to get the highest achievements of heroes of the country or become holders of military orders — it's majestic award that can touch far not every person. Only the truly dedicated people willing to sacrifice themselves for their own direct Fatherland have the right to be called the real heroes-patriots. These people should be more attention, because they have the pride of the state, an example of patriotism and commitment, which should concern all of us.

Sometimes, for a small breast star is the story of real heroism, which should know members of our younger generation.

Day Heroes of the Fatherland — is not an ordinary prazdnichek. This day should make us all think about the fact that is the basis of civilian responsibility and the real, true patriotism. Indeed, very often we do not know about those acts which are committed by these amazing people — the exploits of the country's name and in the name of each of us, and do not realize that the real heroes living among us — in one town or even in a stairwell.

Let this prazdnichek become popular — Those Days, which will allow fully appreciate the courage and steadfastness of our heroic people.

The Order of St. ZHoru — the highest military merit Russian Federation. In the Order of four degrees. I is the highest degree. Order I and II has a symbol and a star, III and IV — only a symbol.

Heroes of the Fatherland Day


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