High alert declared in Kamchatka due to heavy snow

 The City Commission of Emergency imposed in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on high alert due to heavy rainfall and increased risks of avalanches from the city of hills, according to Mayor regional center.

On Monday, the Kamchatka cyclone struck thick snow. Wind force reached the coasts 23-28 meters per second, visibility below 500 meters. Due to bad weather had canceled classes in schools of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Air service to materikombylo interrupted for a day. Currently the cyclone moved north, and under his vliyaniemokazalis central and northern peninsula.

"Put on high alert from 14.00 local time (6.00 MSK)", — stated in the government of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

The head of the city administration Alexei Alexeev gave the order to mobilize all forces and means for cleaning and removal of snow from the main roads and driveways mezhkvartalnyh.

"In addition, all the abandoned cars on the roads will be evacuated to special order. Currently instructed all owners of car parks in housing estates clean the area and make the maximum number of parking spaces," — informs the municipality.

If in November-December 2012 road services the city evacuated 150,000 cubic meters of snow, in January 2013 — is 161,000 cubic meters of snow.

"At present, road services without interruption clean city streets, but the snow is so much that needs to be urgently evacuate because of space for storage is not," — said in a statement.

Because of the large amount of precipitation was formed not only the tense situation on the roads, but there was a threat of avalanche danger.

"Only for the last day of the avalanche came down on the streets of Ocean and partisan. Forced to work on avalanches experts can not because of the cars parked near the houses. Also of particular concern are children who, because of neglect of adults walking in the immediate vicinity of the city's hills, from which at any moment could pass snow "- note the power.

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