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Not peculiar to the average person the ability — the prerogative of the notorious high people "branded" ball lightning

With the onset of the summer months around the world begin destruction of people lightning. And it should be noted not only that the fireballs are particularly dangerous, but what is often their cold stable plasma can not insure even stone or timber walls of houses, cellars, underground mines, tunnels underground.

Usually moving at a walking pace fiery bubbles inflated own enormous energy, the average "living" 75 seconds, rarely can "live" for hours after contact with a living creature.

According to statistics, one in a hundred people on the planet has a chance to "safe" dating with ball lightning. Five hundred of those doomed to die in the worst case, at best — to win a prize in the form of acute senses, drawing on the skin, acquire the ability to literally see inside objects, laying on of hands to rid of incurable diseases, to operate without a knife.

And here lies the most important thing. Not peculiar to the average person the ability — the prerogative of the notorious high people "branded" ball lightning. How the phenomenon manifests itself in everyday life, it's best to consider the example of two of our contemporaries, born in Sri Lanka and the Philippines.


Tamil by birth, Dr. Tampa Linar was born in 1926 in a village in the south of the then Ceylon, now the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Who came from a poor family Buddhists would lifetime awaits fate collector rubber juice and coconut, if not obi Providence intervened in the form of severe thunderstorms when the green ball of ball lightning fell on the shoulder of twenty Tampa immobilize him for three days.

It was in the temple. Villagers, who feared to approach the young man a long time to watch a fiery ball, somehow not burning wooden structure, melt copper bells, chains and dozens of tiny, built in a series of statues of the Buddha. Surprised that liquid copper, puddle gathered at the feet of petrified Tampa, remained in the molten state up to its release from the stupor. When the guy left the temple, he was examined. Found on the back of a sort of reddish burn. It is not painful, but in detail contours of molten statuettes. Deciding that it is a sign from above, the villagers gave the hardened copper local handyman, otlivshemu large statue of Buddha.

On the question of villagers that had youth, being stationary and even under the "supervision" of fiery balls lying on the shoulder, Tampa said that sleeping in grace, pat column of fire. Asleep and saw the Buddha. This revelation was enough to, collecting the necessary funds, tribesmen sent the boy to school in Colombo, where he chose the medical faculty. After receiving a diploma surgeon, he returned. Soon Tampa Linar gained worldwide fame as a specialist, who owns an art to remove the malignant tumor, get rid of cataracts is not only a scalpel, but with bare hands.

Despite more than a venerable age, Doctor Tampa is still working like a young man. On it, get rid of a serious illness, write books, make movies, from which it is clear that abdominal surgery without a knife, of course, real. At the same time, really different. What touch Tampa Linara to avoid defeat powerful shock, can only with his consent, be sure after it is "earthed" yourself by touching the metal rod, lightning rod.

By the way, these rods are arranged in his house and in his clinic. This caution is good for the doctor himself, too. After all, he is, so to say, a favorite target for lightning, and only the ball. The doctor says that the celestial plasma clots do not cause discomfort, but to get rid of them, have to resort to a metal rod stuck in the ground. Another doctor has no doubt that his ability to push the living tissues of the fingers, make bloodless surgery is associated with permanent lesions heavenly electricity accumulating in it, like a Leyden jar.

Apparently, Tampa Linar rights. Patients who underwent surgery without anesthesia and pain, say that they saw the fingers and forearm of a surgeon "pretty spark."


Republic of the Philippines, a magnet for tourists unique natural conditions and at least a unique culture of the people living in its 7100 islands. Another is an island country in South-East Asia, washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, notably increased storm activity.

By lightning strikes almost daily are the people and animals that have a sort of defense system that protects from death due to electric shock from the heavenly electricity. Therefore not by chance that the local people Visayas there is a belief that if the first time the storm has not turned to ashes — will live forever.

As for the question of eternal life, of course, debatable. And in part that "kiss lightning" sometimes can give abilities almost supernatural, then this in the Philippines is unlikely anyone will be surprised.

And here, I must say, one of the improbable sometimes fall phenomena, surpassing incredible. For example, as in the case of a Chinese by birth, Catholic by faith Li Boshi fifty years, the age of seven asleep in the shadow of the so-called weeping tree, at the foot of the volcano Apo Island almonds. He found himself awakened in the streams gushing rain, when the tree-giant glowing dark purple light, and the wrists and toes surrounded tightly adherent, slightly warm fire balls. As soon realized the boy, it was a "fireball crumble."

Li Boshi from parents knew that the best way to avoid suffering from, as it is called in the Philippines, "the keeper of eternal fire" — it does not make the slightest movement. Undoubtedly, his humble adherence to the senior took momentary trouble. And only. Because later life was one continuous suffering, misery, not allowing for a minute to relax.

A minefield

In short, the fatal legacy of lightning came down to the fact that Li Boshi can not use any electrical appliances, to approach the electrical units and devices. Light bulbs in the worst blow, at best — or burn spontaneously unscrewed from the socket. Filling televisions, radios instantly turns to ashes. Buying food he ordered. Cash registers, store refrigerated cooling circuits become inoperative. Move around in cars can not: circuits are burned to ashes. Experiment on hydropower, when Li Boshi asked to stand in the engine room, also ended curiosity. Small generators, before his appearance regularly producing current, did not give consumers a single volt. Everything returned to normal, almost Boshi was outside the power plant.

"My life is like a walk blindfolded through a minefield. I do not know exactly when or where he'll blow it'll blow the first comer, "- says this brave man, who was forced to live in a wooden hut standing alone, in which there is no conductive material, a single source of electricity.

Diagnosis without X-RAY

Families with Lee Boshi never was. Friends, family, talking to him, we have to stay detached. Touch, even accidentally, and has received a powerful electric shock. For help to him, wearing the title of Electrical Rights of the Philippines, which allows to make good money, address and member physicians and medical luminaries, for Li Boshi and sees in each of the first counter that sees the best X-ray machine, and says what authority, by his view, needs or sparing radical treatment. Misdiagnosis has not happened, for which grateful former patients from different countries.

One in a hundred people on the planet has a chance to "safe" dating from the ball lightning

"I did not fly, I'm just helping. Do not be of benefit to me, I would have withered away, "- simple-recognized famous Filipino. As for the high people, to this day science equates them with the ability to store and release a strong electric impulses to the similar properties of fish — Stingray. This, alas, does not shed light on the acquisition, through a fireball, electrical phenomenon of people.

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