Higher spheres

January 22, 2012 21:35

We talk a lot and hear about the mysteries of the deep sea of monsters that lurk there, but we forget that they themselves live at the bottom of the ocean vast and poorly studied. It's called "atmosphere." It seems that the world is simple and clear — he is always above us. And the only danger that threatens us — sudden rainfall. However, we are mistaken. Ocean of air above us as mysterious as any other — the Atlantic, Pacific or Indian.

Horror heights

"Our world is very poorly protected from threatening him terrible and sudden danger. In the higher layers of the atmosphere is also a jungle, and inhabited by tigers being worse. " This conjecture was stated in a science fiction story of the famous English writer Arthur Conan Doyle, the characteristic title "Horror heights", first published in 1913. The hero, the pilot Joyce Armstrong, was attacked and mauled by the monsters who live in the upper layers of the atmosphere. Helped reveal the shocking truth of his notebook, found among the wreckage covered with mucus.

Conan Doyle imagined these monsters composed of gelatinous substance. They had two eyes and beak, and held in the air by means of dorsal blisters filled with a light gas. Lead author and data on the size of celestial monsters, each of them was an area of several hundred square feet. Seemingly ordinary fiction, but some strange accident make you think: Is not there a fantasy Conan Doyle shares some scientific prediction?

In 1939, from the airport in San Diego flew military transport aircraft, regular flights to Hawaii. Three hours after takeoff radio operators took from him distress. Then the transmitter stopped. But soon with the control tower of San Diego saw the ill-fated plane that was returning to the airport. He could hardly have lasted up to the runway and landed at the bottom, not the landing gear. When an emergency landing site rescuers arrived, they saw a terrible picture. Although the cabin remained intact inside its all covered with blood. The pilot and flight engineer were dead. Lacerations on their bodies looked like a shark attack on pilots. The co-pilot, who brought the plane to the airport, died from loss of blood. He died, and without saying a word. On closer inspection revealed that the cockpit floor is littered with spent cartridges. In gun deaths there was not a single cartridge. On the plane there was a heavy smell of hydrogen sulfide.

After another quarter of a century, two pilots flew in a small private plane from Nome, Alaska. After a few hours in the air came the voice of one of them: "Help! Help! We are surrounded by a blinding light! Both engines were denied! That thing … "Then suddenly interrupted connection. Explanation of what occurred was not found. The aircraft disappeared without a trace.

September 8, 1970 in the night sky over Binbrukom (England) lost military plane F-94. Shortly before his disappearance radar operator received a strange message from the pilot, Captain Scheffner, "I have eye contact … This is something vague, with no clear outlines. It is a bluish light. Damn, and brightness! Very bright … I'm with him. This cone … Hey, wait, there's something else! It looks like a big soccer ball made of glass … Maybe there is a correlation between the magnetic and the cone. There luminous haze. Yellow. Second … He turns. Heading right at me … been taking a maneuver to deviate solid … I can … "link was broken. Only two months Scheffner plane found at the bottom of the North Sea. He looked intact, as if someone gently lowered it into the water. But the strangest thing was that catapulted chair remained in the cabin, but … any traces of man out!

Heavenly creatures

The history of aviation and aviation accidents knows many cases the planes were destroyed and fell for no apparent reason. Some of these incidents has been explained as the result of inept (and sometimes even criminal) behavior of the crew, but over the years has accumulated information about the completely mysterious accident.

Maximum of these events occurred in World War II. For the first time in human history, the air aircraft flew thousands of very different design and purpose. Frequent and unexplained occurrences. So much so, that in the folklore of the pilots now have a little angry man — Gremlins, of "natural hazards" damaging aircraft engines.

However, to see the reality of the gremlins no one has. But here's the Italian researcher Luciano Bocconi claims that he was able to photograph the invisible under ordinary light beings who simply did overwhelm the space around us. Bocconi dubbed them "critters", which means "creation." Imechko is more than adequate, because the images imprinted cluster translucent monsters with fanged jaws and clawed feet. Specialist on anomalous phenomena disagree on natural critters. Some believe that it is special "essential form of life", while others tend to see the embodiment of my fear of nightmares people, and someone defends the idea of parallel worlds, the inhabitants of which are visible to us under certain conditions. Of course, no official recognition of these hypotheses has received.

Be that as it may, the critters are directly relevant to the issue under discussion. This is clearly living creatures that move in space without the aid of mechanical devices. They are not perceived by the senses, and apparently very dangerous if a confluence of some unknown circumstances lead to direct confrontation of man and beast.

Angel hair

Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) do not seem to mind living beings. Our imagination tells us that it is likely some aircraft — the handiwork of intelligence. However, the imagination — not the best tool in the analysis of facts. The latter, in turn, say that UFOs often behave as human beings and not as objects of artificial origin.

For example, the UFO can leave behind a strange-looking selection, called "angel hair." This kind of gelatinous substance arachnoid, drop down to the ground after passing "small plates." According to data presented in the book of the famous ufologist and popularizer of science Siegel "UFO Sightings in the Soviet Union", "angel hair" sometimes cover the ground sufficiently dense layer, but a few hours later disappear. When you touch them with your hands they turn into lumps of radioactive goo with a distinct odor of hydrogen sulfide.

Academician Petryanov-Sokolov, Director of the Institute of Physical Chemistry, gave their time following conclusion on samples of "angel hair", "sample of interest as a very fine-fiber material and has no analogues in the earth's nature."

Yet another case of the laboratory analysis of the phenomenon. October 27, 1954 during a training session of FC "Fiorentina" at the stadium in Florence, the city has several oval luminous bodies, conducting zigzag maneuvers. When they are gone, the land began to fall strange snow-like disheveled shiny wool. People were trying to catch the thread hands, but they quickly melted. One of the fans in attendance at the stadium figured wound yarn on a stick, and then put them in a jar and took it to the chemical laboratory of the university. It turned out that the "angel hair" consists of a strange combination of boron, silicon, calcium, and magnesium.

Amazing metamorphosis

Besides the ability to reserve the highlight, UFOs have a number of other features that point to their biological nature. One of the most unusual properties of the UFO began their strange transformation. They are expressed as changes in shape and size, or split into parts, followed the flight of each part separately (multiplication by division?), And sometimes, on the contrary, with a mix of multiple objects into one. Here are some examples of that.

In March 1959, in Warsaw, there was an unknown object hovering over the Palace of Culture and Science. The object looked like two spheres of different diameters connected cylinder. Then he turned into a drive and went to the side Mlotsina, but soon came back and took the old form.

A rather strange incident occurred in December 1969, near the village of Lyzovo Perm region where over the edge of the forest in the rig were two glowing ellipse. They have grown in size and merged into one ball, on both sides of which they would like one "beam" appeared two balls small sizes. All this glowing "dumbbell" length of 10-15 meters flew 100 meters from the drill. In a medium bowl flashed spark and soon turned into a disk the size of slightly less than the visible moon, but its brighter. Then, instead of the correct form of three balls became visible only one rather loose structure with a disc in the middle, and a few seconds drive disappeared and shapeless ball disappeared over the horizon.

Repeated changes of shape were observed in UFOs flying over Estonia in June 1975. Appearing on Tallinn, he first had the form of a triangle of silver, but then turned into a ball and flew east. Above Kehre he looked like a triangular pyramid, and above Aygvidu bought T-shape, and seemed transparent. Rakvere on he was in the form of a cylinder, and over Kohtla-Jarve — in the form of an egg upright. Then he flew to Narva and brightly lit after dark. UFO was flying height of about 18 kilometers. The object was moving against or perpendicular to the wind direction.

Sometimes observers the impression that the objects in front of them increased or decreased in size. Since the fall of 1978 in Alupka three witnesses for 15 minutes was observed hanging motionless orange ball, which had become something more (reach sizes of the Moon), the lower (turning to a point). Suddenly, he was approached by a small glowing ball and connected with it, and then a big ball stopped to change their size and flared, and after 5 minutes began to decrease and disappeared.

Ability to razmnozheniiyu

There are many cases when the eye of the beholder as if UFOs were divided into two or more parts, which are then scattered in all directions.

In September 1980, about 200 miles south-west of Gibraltar, the crew of the research vessel "Victor Bugaev" seen hovering over the stern of the cigar-shaped object is white with a black stripe, which is the source of two yellow beam. In the eyes of the witnesses the object was divided into two parts, one flew to the northeast, and the other — in the north-west. All followed up four minutes and recorded in the logbook.

In the newspaper "Izvestia" on March 23, 1988, you saw a few days ago — March 18 — the crew and passengers of the Chinese plane flying from Beijing to Urumqi, observed an unknown object, like a basketball. Initially, he moved toward the liner, but soon changed the direction of flight, and is divided into two parts. They rotate at high speed, and then removed from each other. All observation lasted 13 minutes.

But the really incredible description. In November 1968, in the French Alps Dr. X. I saw two identical disk with a diameter of about 65 meters and a height of 16 meters, which at low altitude close to home. Their tops were silver-white, and the bottom — red. Disc rotates around its vertical axis, and every second flush. Then they began to reduce the distance between themselves, until they finally merged into one disc. He rushed up to the house and was "on the edge", pointing to Dr. X. beam of light. Immediately there was an explosion, and the UFO was gone.

In February 1974, in felt-Munthe (Romania) ten pupils orphanage watched the two still hanging glowing orange spheres slowly approached each other and merged into a single ellipsoidal object with a diameter of about 7 meters, which increased the speed and disappeared.

In February 1979, under the city of Gorky could be seen as two glowing objects, reserves the silvery plumes merged into one.

But the observation of experts. In July 1977, in Baku Tikhonov astronomer with a telescope saw was moving at high altitude yellow-green object which is making two stops, divided into two halves. After a few seconds one of these halves is also divided into two parts, each division was accompanied by an explosion. Soon one of the small pieces joined to the whole half and then stepped into position. Then all three of the closer is not connected, but after some time and went out of sight.

In April 1964, in Homer, NY, physician and physiologist four witnesses saw in the sky oblong object like a submarine. Of its tail flash flashed, he lunged forward, but suddenly stopped. The object appears in the middle of a swelling, and it is also quickly pulled back. Suddenly stopped, became shortened to acquire the shape saucer with a thickening at the end. Also was quite round and is divided horizontally into two halves. After that, the top half was removed, and the lower — descend at an angle of 45 degrees to the horizontal. She, too, was divided into two parts, with the top side of the oval form disappeared in the distance, and the bottom changes to a vertical rod, which also soon disappeared.

Find a suitable explanation for these transformations can not ufologists. This is understandable, because he believed that a UFO — an artificial object, and in the Earth's technology there is no analog to the effects that show us the flying saucers. However, we should imagine that UFOs have wildlife as much becomes clear. All these transformations can be observed in the microscope, mounted on a Petri dish where the colony lives and develops the most common bacteria.

So, we can assume that people who witnessed the unidentified flying objects have become witnesses of life of some, as yet unknown to science of animals living in the upper atmosphere. And, at least, this hypothesis is no worse than the one under which the UFO — it ships extraterrestrial aliens.

Author: Yu.Lebedeva

Source: "The X-Files. Dossier "

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