Hospitals Kurgan region received modern medical equipment

In the framework of the modernization of health care in the trans-Ural hospital received more than 5.5 million units of modern medical equipment. Among the most expensive and necessary medical equipment — 4 computer tomography, angiography, ultrasound machines, endovideosistemy, the latest rentgendiagnosticheskie complexes significantly upgraded park resuscitation equipment, surveillance and monitoring of the patient, without which at present can not be saving lives and providing quality medical assistance.

Today almost fully utilized allocated for this purpose funds — 1.1 billion rubles. In addition, at the end of last year, the region managed to attract additional federal budget 211 million rubles, which were acquired through X-ray machine, flyuorografy, two modular outpatient clinics, two mobile mobile complex for the medical examination of children and adults, a mobile health center for children, 68 Car "emergency" medical and laboratory equipment for equipping mobile teams.


In 50 health facilities Zauralye modernization program completed overhaul. Another four — Children's Hospital. Red Cross Regional Hospital, Kurgan children's clinic, hospital Sadovskaya — by contractors work still in progress. All repairs under the modernization program will be completed in October. Total for this purpose was sent to about 1.7 billion rubles, work actually performed by 95%.

As part of information, the terms of which extended until the end of 2013, all health care facilities are connected to the Trans-Urals information help system, an electronic record to the doctor used by more than 120,000 people in the three hospitals use telemedicine technology to counsel patients at a distance.

For two years in health care facilities participating in the program of modernization, the wages of medical staff has grown by 50%, purchased 11 one-and two-bedroom apartments for young departmental medical specialists. All in all measures of the program to modernize health care Kurgan region sent 3.5 billion rubles, July 1, 95% of the funds disbursed.

Press service of the Governor of Kurgan region

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