How tired one and the same person on TV — from morning to night …


The audience of "Freedom" provides an example of that during the election campaign is campaigning for one of the candidates for president — Alexander Lukashenko. Here is the call of our listeners Vladimir of Polotsk.

"Officially, the election campaign has not started yet and see what is done. On the radio, on television all day long in every way you know who is praised. And he did not scruple to praise himself. And all the rest do not seem to exist. Well, if you remember about them, necessarily a negative. So no wonder why people at the polls, except Lukashenko, nobody or almost nobody knows. And what will happen when the start campaigning? Yes Lukashenko to wait for days on television, and the rest he will give as much as half an hour of ether, and that's it. So let international monitors to observe that we have for democracy. "

Our listener called to express his outrage:

"That's the whole of the day … From morning to night, how tired of this one and the same voice! … All day."

Our students speak out about the conduct of street actions with candidates.

"The area that is planned in Minsk on November 24 presidential candidates Republic of Belarus, nothing more than an ordinary political rally with the participation of the voters and the candidates. At present, it is clear that for the regional champions of change in our society participation in this event is very problematic.

But the mini-space in each regional center of Belarus with participation of the Democratic candidates — this is the feedback from the electorate of our candidates. Need a desire of those people who will participate in the presidential race, only one — to work, work and work. "

Sergei Kalyakin

Call the listener comment policy Sergei Kalyakin:

"At the I think, it would be good to happen and then, and more so that people in the region have expressed their views on the election (which they are not), and that it was in Minsk.

It all depends on how it is seen by the voters themselves. If they want to go to Minsk, then let go to Minsk, and if they want to schedule it in the regions, it can be in the regions to organize because there headquarters of candidates. With them, you need to communicate and this issue decide ".

Listeners comment on performance of Alexander Lukashenko. Our listener Tatiana Barrel of Asipovichy called to comment on the statements of the head of state on the status of medicine.

"Today, Alexander G. on TV saying how well the government cares about the medicine. That we have to pay the medical newcomers $ 100, in Asipovichy building clinics in poor condition, the hospital building in Asipovichy people are lying in the corridors, it Asipovichy children's ward at the other end of town from the main buildings, it Asipovichy in ordinatorskoj children Branch does not even sink to wash your hands, do we have to call the car without doors and windows, drivers acquire spare parts for its own account. That we pedyyatra who came to call on patronage, make take off one's shoes or put plastic bags on his feet. And the first building in our Asipovichy new premises — this is the morgue. "

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