I do not want transparent ballot boxes because they do not want transparent elections

Mr."I do not know, why do not they want. Perhaps, the additional cost to the state. I'll vote for me there is no difference where to throw — in a transparent or closed. "

Mrs."I think they want to make it invisible to their lies — who's there and what will be done."

Mr."Apparently, there's a reason. Glass urns are, if someone has doubts. I believe that the normal and glass. "

Mr."Perhaps you could not see the public as currently vote. It is necessary to have everything in sight. "

Mr."The authorities, led by Alexander G., playing with the people in thimbles. If they wanted to conduct honest and fair elections, the ballot box is not a problem and do it and let the opposition representatives on the commission. "

Mr."Because it is clear who is and who to vote and who throws. They do not want transparent elections! It's a short answer. "

Mrs."It seems that all this is difficult financially secure. No, perhaps finances. I myself — a member of the electoral commission. Now I will participate in the elections. I do not see any difference between this one and the ballot box. For me, anyway. "

Mr."I believe that we need transparent ballot boxes. The authorities do not want to! They are afraid that not vote. "

Mrs."The government may not want to see how many votes there."

Mr."Already the authorities decided that Alexander Lukashenko will have the president. She has nothing. Darkness she is better than light. "

Mrs."Now a lot of motives. And a lot of what not to do what people want. "

Mr."Why are afraid, do not know. There they have some sort of a nuance. "

Mr."I do not know. Perhaps a lack of confidence. It is the opposition suggests. All the same, in which the urn to throw. We will vote — and everything. "

Mr."The technology worked elections. This svistaplyaska another. And no more than that."

Mr."Perhaps something in mind. Perhaps a lie. "

Mr."Because I do not want transparent elections."

Mr."Because Yarmoshina can prepare in the dark all you want."


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