If your house was prescribed poltergeist …

December 15, 2011 16:00

Surely each of you heard of such a chilling phenomenon of poltergeist. Maybe someone knows him too well. Hata.by correspondent met with the coordinator of the Belarusian Committee of UFO Ilya Butovo, and talked about the invisible inhabitants of our houses and apartments.
— On the definition of the term poltergeist scientists scratching their heads for years — says Ilya. — Simply put, it is the physical and psycho-physical processes and phenomena occurring in the domestic sphere of life with an apparent violation of causality.

According to him, both here and in the West, there have been many attempts to classify the phenomenon. For example, allocate provocative induced, adolescence, household poltergeist etc. All of them are different to each other, but one thing is certain — in most cases, poltergeist attached to the child, under the age of 14-15 years, at least to the very home. But, generally, the vehicle, the so-called focal person can be anyone. Often, such a person has a disease of the central nervous system.

We destroyer of houses and apartments around 500 different manifestations. However, to fix them on film is difficult.

— Sometimes he deliberately knocks the camera or cover her chair. Well, who likes that he was spying? — Asks a reasonable question Ilya.

Experts recognize that during his time in Minsk had only one vivid case of poltergeist, where he was able to visit.

— This phenomenon is not as frequent as it may seem. In Belarus, a classic poltergeist happens about once a year — he says. — A stay at the scene can immediately or after a month or two after the appearance of "noisy spirit", if it occurred in a remote remote village. Of course, a lot of small cases: brownies, etc. Barabashka However, most of these events thinking the man himself.

In the photo: note left poltergeist in Moscow February 16 — August 1991

The case of the avant-garde

The event, which managed to participate UFO experts committee was in Minsk on the street. The avant-garde. It all started in 2002. After five years, the winter of 2007, poltergeist activated again. After reviewing the case file and scrolling through the newspaper files, the scientists decided to go to the scene to restore the true picture of what happened with the words of Helen M., the ill-fated mistress apartment, and their observations.

— Poltergeist began with plugs yourself flying out of the counter. This happened regularly. A team of electricians reveals the wall, cut off the counter and connect the wires directly. But it was enough to leave her daughter Helena for one minute in the apartment, and she go from room to room as electricity again cuts. Cork flew out when the girl just walked past them — says Ilya.

Soon lost scissors, cut the wires invisible chandelier in the bedroom and the kitchen. Ceiling height — 3 meters, but no fallen lamp is not broken. Later, the object was found, it was discovered rounded yellowish and slightly depressed spot, few millimeters in diameter. It seemed that this was the subject of an invisible force had cut the wire, with absolutely no fear of electrocution.

There were other symptoms. Open cabinets and their contents invisible hand sweeps the floor. Several times fallen wooden shelf with a mirror. In the end, it was shattered. Telephone with caller ID regularly lost alarm sound, even when completely disconnected the call in the settings. By the way, in another famous case, in Svetlogorsk district, poltergeist also dabbled with the phone. He harassed the hosts tune "Moscow Nights," though for incoming calls was raised entirely different motive.

In the photo: the remains of the broken poltergeist banks and dents on the cover (on Polesie Svetlogorsk district)

Happened in the apartment of Helen M. and spontaneous combustion. The bedroom itself flared linen. Another time engaged noticed flames on the couch. And it was not scorching, as put out his hand. At the very left padding yellowish five-centimeter spot.

The advice of the editor of the newspaper "secret research" V. Deruzhinskogo, Helen M. took her daughter to a child psychologist. It did not help, but only brought the child to tears. Finally, the girl was taken for six months in the Grodno region in a private home. It worked — poltergeist gradually subsided, but electrical problems continued there.

One day, after returning home, the owners noticed muddy footprints on the carpet in the room, as if someone in dirty shoes entered the room from the hallway, stood at the table, and then went to the telephone.

The most interesting thing that began to disappear money and jewelry. On one bill. The hosts tried everything copied rooms, hid them in various places and even put under the pillow. The result is the same — the disappearance. Not doschityvalis different denominations: Both large and small. Interestingly, the money began to disappear in the house located in the Grodno region, where she spent some time. The scientists decided to conduct an experiment, and put their bills, but they remained intact.

What to do?

— Universal method of getting rid of the poltergeist or houses are not, especially science — says Ilya. — In each case requires a special approach. But this does not mean that the scientific method can not be detected in time — we need more research. Unfortunately, the most effective traditional recipes and tools. For example, sometimes the cards are used. Must be in a safe place to scatter the deck and said, "Come and play and give it."

Often these events begin with the discovery of a home to throw needles, balls, money, dolls, or other foreign objects. Sometimes, the problems come into your home with the acquisition of the old stuff, like a mirror. But, even throwing it, you are unlikely to get rid of troubles pulled hard.

In the photo: Ilya Butov examines the consequences of poltergeist in a private house (house Polesie Svetlogorsk district)

— UBI (so they call their group the researchers themselves) are not struggling with the paranormal, and studies them. We can only offer advice. For example, poltergeists do not be afraid because it rarely causes injury. If a flying object, the probability that he will go to you, is negligible, — says the expert.

Usually, in such situations, people tend to turn to the representatives of the church, but the expert believes that they will not help. For example, in the case of poltergeist Svetlogorsk owner, exasperated pranks uninvited guest, immediately rushed to the priest. He came and blessed the house, painted in different places security crosses, leave prayer, icons, candles, holy water and told to pray fervently. In his presence, a poltergeist does not manifest itself. However, these measures are not put uninvited guests mischief. Barabashka not frightened priest left cult objects. He throws the book with prayers, a plastic bottle of holy water, ran a lit candle in the back of one of the household.

In the photo: a closet, storing preserves, trajectory cans; damaged poltergeist chandelier (on Polesie Svetlogorsk district)

According to Elias Butova to reduce the devastating effects of your home, it is worth trying to contact the poltergeist. It has its phase flow, and if you translate it from one phase to another, it would avoid costly breakdowns of things and property damage. Come into contact with it can be by tapping. Experts believe it's better he roars than ignite furniture, walls and bedding.

Photos provided Ilya Butov

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