Il-76MD dropped 400 tons of water on the taiga in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

 Two Il-76MD Russian Defense Ministry on Monday to make ten fire fighting flights in Krasnoyarsk and dropped more than 400 tons of water on the burning taiga, said Wednesday EMERCOM in Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Two Il-76MD military airbase in Taganrog were sent to the region to put out forest fires. IL-76 at a time can carry 42 tons of water. Aircraft based at the airport "Emelyanovo." On July 30 military transport aircraft started forest fire near Krasnoyarsk in Berezovsky district in a remote area on the right bank of the Yenisei.

"Features of departure is that the fires are in the mountains, with the smoke is very large, and the visibility is low. As a consequence, there is a big psychological and emotional toll on the crews," — quoted a representative of the airport "Emelyanovo" words Squadron of IL-76 Defense Minister Pavel Jarovogo.

To date, complete ten missions to extinguish two fires of 143 acres, dropped more than 400 tons of water. It is planned that these fires are now contained and soon eliminated (within one or two days), said the MOE.

Flight range of IL-76 will be no more than 700 kilometers from home, it will apply these aircraft at the elimination of large forest fires in inaccessible areas of the northern areas of the region — Boguchany, Kezhemsky, Yenisei, Motyginskaya. Now, however, the flight visibility restriction does not allow the aircraft in the northern areas.

According to the Krasnoyarsk forest fire center in the region now operates 79 wildfires on an area of 9.816 hectares. The most tense in Boguchan district, which recorded 17 fires, the same sources in the Yenisei region. During the day, eliminated 20 fires on an area of 798 hectares. Work in fire 1469 people and 154 vehicles. Settlements no threat. The region continued to operate emergency mode, introduced on June 26.

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