In 2010, farmers Primorye purchased more than 1 million units of agricultural machinery

Last year, farmers and growers Primorye purchased 1,035 pieces of equipment worth a total of more than 1.5 billion rubles, including combine harvesters, tractors, seed cleaning equipment and grain dry

On coastal farms, new milking systems and equipment for primary processing of milk. Also among the renewable technology — equipment and food processing industry. This bakery, meat and sausage line of the production of ketchup, margarine products.

In November of last year in Ussuriysk opened shop for the production of mayonnaise on the oil and fat factory "Seaside soybeans." It has modern equipment, the production is fully automated. The expected volume of output — 250 tons per year of mayonnaise.

At present, the base is formed of applications from agricultural producers on a technique that will be purchased in 2011.

From the regional budget provides compensation for technical re-equipment of the agricultural industry. Amount of the support in this area as part of the regional program for the development of agricultural production in 2010 amounted to 123.5 million rubles.

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