In 2011. Machine-Building Plant FED has hired 140 people

SOE "Kharkiv Machine Building Plant" FED "for 2011 has increased the number of staff by 137 people. Told the "SQ" chairman of the primary trade union organization aircraft manufacturers of Ukraine "FEDa" Vladimir Tyndik. According to him, the overall number of employees at the plant remains stable. "Planned production for 2011 are satisfied, outlined new plans. During January production plan is made with growth in comparison with January of last year," — said the Chairman of the Union.

According to him, the factory organized a small vocational school, where recruit and train young people working professions. "The Apprentice half day working in the shop, and another half a day — get the theoretical knowledge. Then assigned a category of worker, and mentors for a time control how it works. But students do not always remain on the plant. There are good guys, but there are those who do not want to work at the company, and came to us because, for example, the parents made, "- said V.Tyndik.

According to him, the whole staff turnover at the plant is small, because the salary is paid by the company is stable. In 2011, the average wage in the factory amounted to 3.8 thousand UAH. per month, excluding the 13th salary, and taking into account that wages — about 5 thousand UAH. Salary up to January 2012 — 3,96 UAH. "The administration sets the task to increase wages. Some manufacturing workers can receive and 10 thousand UAH. Per month. To increase the salaries of the staff required to perform timely and quality production targets. We do not always have time, so sometimes you have to work on Saturday and Sunday to fulfill all orders, "- said V.Tyndik.

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