In 2011, Russia was built more than 79 thousand kilometers of networks

Last year the total length of the built networks in Russia has exceeded 79 thousand km. This is stated in a study conducted by research firm J'son &Partners Consulting.

"Of these, 15.8 thousand km are main network, 17.6 thousand km — intra, 27.3 thousand km — urban and 18.6 thousand km — transport networks for wireless access" — analysts say. The analysis showed that the Russian market at a fraction of the top ten companies, specializing in the construction of telecommunications infrastructure, accounting for about 71% of the market in value terms and about 68% of the extension built networks. "The Russian market of construction of communication networks is highly attractive, providing great opportunities for development — experts say the company J'son &Partners Consulting. — Growing demand for the development of networks and the development of new areas, as well as to increase the capacity and length of lines." Analysts explain that this is dictated, in particular, the annual doubling of traffic volumes. "In these conditions, the effective way to develop infrastructure in the medium and long term is its own construction," — noted in the company.

According to forecasts J'son &Partners Consulting, 2015 in Russia will be built almost 300 thousand km of gas, intra-and intercity fiber-optic communication lines. "According to our estimates, 300 thousand km of lines of communication — it is about 80-90 billion spending only on their construction, not including equipment," — says the chairman of the board of directors of one of the leading construction companies — "INFRA engineering" Sergei Ogorodnov.

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