In 2011, Russian exports of herring increased by almost 200 thousand tons

Catches of herring in Russia has increased over the last year compared with 2010 by approximately 4% — to 447.7 thousand tons. In this case, by 173 thousand tons of the fish more than the year before, were sent for export. In general, the capacity of the domestic market of herring fell by 14% — up to 470 thousand tons.

According to the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency, imports of herring in our country decreased by 23.6%. From Norway, Iceland and other countries to the Russian market only received 35.7 thousand fish of this species. And the Norwegian herring was the lion's share of imports (73%). Iceland — the second highest in the number of importers (11% of the total volume of foreign supplies of herring in the Russian Federation).

In turn, the main markets for Russian fish of this species are China (74% of exports) and South Korea (20%).

It is noteworthy that the increase in Russian exports took place against the background of a significant increase in world prices, not only for herring, but also to other types of pelagic fish sector (ie, living in the surface layers of the open ocean). As noted in the Federal Fisheries Agency, for three years — from 2008 to 2011 — herring has risen by an average of 77%. Mackerel added to the price 58%, horse mackerel and blue whiting — 46% and 71%, respectively. As a result, the pelagic sector has become even more expensive than cod, which is traditionally more expensive than estimated.

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