In 2011, Severstal-hardware has mastered more than 200 new products


In 2011, a group of companies "Severstal-hardware" which is a division of "Severstal Russian Steel", has mastered the production of more than 200 new products (CWP). A number of them today are the unique development for the Russian industry.

A record number of CWT — 140 — new fasteners (two times more than in 2010). Of these, about 20 — is a high-strength fasteners with corrosion-resistant coatings, and the rest — fasteners of different sizes.

Also among the developments in 2011 new types of wire, spetsgvozdey, cords, cables, including several types of advanced cables. This multi-strand design double lay, trehpryadnye ropes, ground wire to protect overhead power lines against direct lightning strikes (absolute resistance to impact 98.8% at actual loads), lift cables, high-strength reinforcing stabilized ropes in plastic coating and others.

Treasury of new products "Severstal-hardware" in 2011 and joined the new profiles for sheet sizes locks (now used in the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi, consolidating the shores of the reservoir Bureyskaya GES) shaped profiles for individual orders, which will be used in the construction and reconstruction of some bridges.

"We continue to rely on products with high added value. Many of them are for the domestic industry is new and, despite this, has already been successfully applied in large-scale projects, not only Russian but also foreign. This year we will continue to expand its product line and will actively promote the already mastered NVP, "- said General Director of" Severstal-hardware "Oleg Veter.

In addition to producing vysokoperedelnyh products, "Severstal-hardware" is actively developing new types of services. So in 2011, thanks to the subsidiary "Leaks Rus", hardware company, the only one in Russia and the CIS, offered to customers pre-stretch ropes that solves the common problem of "pull" of the product. In addition, "Leaks Rus" last year began production of an innovative product — chain slings lifting capacity up to 90 tons with the possibility of a complete set of individual customer requests. "Unifence" continues the development of additional services for more efficient use of welded panels. In the long term — completing fencing opening elements (gates and gate).

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