In 2011, the market for web development in RuNet increased more than 1.5 times

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  • Market at a Glance

24.05.2012 year

What happened to the market of web development in 2011? How to change the size of the market? What is expected from web studio 2012? The research conducted "Rating Runet."

How is the Russian market for web development, what trends emerged in 2011? What is the forecast for the near future? How has the "portrait" of the average web studio for a year? What CMS are more often used by developers? This and many other questions are answered in an extensive study conducted by the project "Rating Runet" with the support of Proactivity Group. 


Key findings:

  • In RuNet employ about 5000 web studios, of which the Russian market around 2600.
  • In 2011, the market for web development has increased in one and a half times to 14.9 billion rubles. Turnovers web studios have exceeded their own forecasts.
  • The average price development of standard corporate site in 2011 increased and amounted to about 100 000. However, this figure is highly dependent on the region.
  • The number of notional 'average' web studio is from four to fifteen people, and the portfolio consists of ten to fifty projects. The larger size of the staff and the portfolio characteristic of the Moscow web studios.
  • The main source of income for all studios — web development. However, Moscow's Web Studios have more money for the support of projects and consulting, and regional companies increasingly make their SEO-services. Another source of income — their own online projects. 
  • The most important source of orders for web studios are customer testimonials and references from the developed projects. The value of search engine traffic for customers is reduced every year.
  • On site management systems market in 2011 has seen a rapid growth in popularity of Open Source-systems. Compared with 2010, the share of studios using them as a platform for creating websites, almost doubled. 
  • In 2011, web studios rapidly growing salaries for all specialties and regions. This testifies to the active development of the industry and the high level of industry competition.

About the study: 

Market research Web development has been held annually since 2009. Data for the latest research collected at the beginning of 2012 in a survey of 450 web studios. The report analyzes the market size, the geography of the participants, the cost of web studios, the structure of their income, the typical promotion strategy used by CMS and a number of other indicators.

To obtain a more accurate picture of some of the parameters were considered separately in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the region. The results were compared with data from previous studies (2010 and 2009). It is possible to trace the development and changing trends in the industry, to analyze the dynamics and the "look" into the future market of web development.

The study says Andrey Konovalov, head of Research Projects "Rating Runet" and CMS Magazine: «For many research industry is characterized by one of two problems: either the results are presented in" raw "form — the actual information is offered to the reader in the form of tables and graphs, and the Interpretation minimal. Or, researchers are focusing on the interpretation, pushing the "shadow" the facts themselves — as a result is difficult to assess the accuracy of the findings. To avoid these problems, in our studies we tried to take its rightful place as the facts and interpretations: our readers will see not only the conclusions, but clearly presented factual material on the basis of which they were made. Therefore, we can evaluate our forecasts, make your own assumptions. 

Large-scale study — there we analyze a variety of manifestations of our industry. This is a valuable analytical information, it allows you to monitor the development of the industry dynamics, helps in time to "catch" some kind of an important trend. " 

More information about the study can be found on the page:


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