In 2011, the Red Sormovo plans to build eight ships

Nizhny Novgorod, January 18, 2011.
Tonnage lowered MNP on the water in 2010 exceeded 70,000 tons. Shipyard Group (Red Sormovo) launched the 9 different deadweight tankers, including two tankers, with deliveries in December of the year that will be passed on to customers opening of navigation in 2011, is the second tanker for SVL deadweight of 7,100 tons and a tanker deadweight of 5,600 tons for "VF Tanker ".

Seven ships were built in the factory Red Sormovo and delivered to the customers. This three tankers ("Entseladus", "Iapetus", "Tethys") project 19614 deadweight tons by 5600 for the company Moorpark Ltd. (Cyprus), two tankers ("Aktobe", "Oral") project on 19619 deadweight 13,400 tons for Kazmortransflot and two 19,900 dwt tanker project by 7100 tons — "Jeykhun" for the State Service of Maritime and River Transport of Turkmenistan and «SVL Pride" for the company SVL (SVL active trading became Ltd).

In 2011, the Red Sormovo plans to build eight ships — the second tanker for Moorpark Ltd. deadweight of 5,600 tons, and seven tankers by 5600 tonnes for "VF Tanker ". The contract for the construction of seven oil tankers with the "Volga-Flot Tanker" was signed in July 2010, all tankers to be transferred to the customer in 2011. Thus, the shipbuilding program in 2011 fully formed. Acceptance Program for 2011 will transfer vessels for "VF Tanker "and the company SVL.

"In 2010, we completed a contract with Kazmortransflot by constructing three tanker trinadtsatitysyachnika, the first was passed in 2009, two in 2010, but all three in record time, as the tanker seventhousander for the company SVL. Time — this is a strong advantage of the Red Sormovo, along with a high level of execution of orders. In the past year we signed the first major contract with a Russian company "VF The tanker, "we will build for them in 2011, seven tankers, on the eve of the New Year has been launched first tanker" Mechanic Antonov ". In addition, we continue to modernize production, this year it will be spent 160 million rubles, compared to 100 million in the past year, the money will pribresti latest press equipment and a second machine plasma cutting. We are open to all new contracts, and do not lose hope of obtaining an order from the Navy, technologically plant is ready to resume production of submarines, and a huge school of their construction and the experience of ship skills have not gone away, "- commented the CEO of MNP Group Vadim Malov.

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