In 2012, Rosagroleasing has delivered 3,916 units of equipment

As part of an ambitious program of renovation tractor fleet of households in 2012 "Rosagroleasing" continues the delivery of technology to farmers.

To date, under the program of renovation of agricultural machinery, "Rosagroleasing" has delivered 3,916 units of equipment (including 2,216 tractors and 995 combine harvesters) worth 9,018 billion rubles. Treaty signed with partners from 78 regions. The largest number of contracts for the upgrade program of agricultural machinery concluded with farmers of the Volga Federal District (1352 units. Equipment). Shipment of agricultural equipment is carried out in accordance with the progress of the seasonal work. The biggest demand is high power appliances, the use of which gives households to move from the traditional to the resource-saving technologies.

The program is based on the principle of regional quotas in funding and is being implemented on the basis of applications Rosagroleasing agricultural producers. Priority is given to the peasant (farmer's) economy and other small farms in the agricultural regions of the Russian Federation.

Lessees are turning to RAL with words of gratitude for the professionalism and high quality of services provided under the program update technology for timely and coordinated work on the conclusion of supply contracts and the transfer of technology.

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