In 2012, the Kursk enterprises produced more than 164 tons of meat

In 2012, significantly increased the production of pork. On the pig complexes number of pigs increased by almost 2.5 times.


Pig farms in the past year produced 79.9 million tons of pigs for slaughter, the expected proceeds from the sale of meat — 6.6 billion rubles, which is two times more than in 2011. Production and sales of live pigs rightfully occupies a leading position in the region, and this year's pork production will exceed 140 thousand tons.

There has been a growth in the meat and poultry industry. In 2012, the area of the factory farmers sold 22.9 thousand tons of poultry meat. It is planned that the production of poultry meat will rise to 120 thousand tons.

All categories of farms in 2012, there were more than 164 thousand tons of meat.

Of course, the huge role played by the work of modern facilities. They were in the region for 33, of which 22 pigs and 11 dairy. For 2013 is planned construction of two complexes in Demetrius and Khomutovsky areas.

In addition, thanks to the preservation of state support of livestock breeding in the area there has been a tendency to increase the genetic potential of the animals' productivity and growth of the young breeder. In 2012, the breeding farms of the region have implemented 457 head of young cattle and 15 head of young horses and 5,923 head of breeding pigs and 303 head of breeding bright.

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