In 2012, the Marines made more than 150 thousand parachute jumps

With the end of the calendar year in the Airborne Troops (VDV) announced the final results of the annual plan of landing troops and military equipment from aircraft and military helicopters and transport aircraft. 

A total of 2012 personnel of the Navy were more than 150 thousand jumps. Of these, about 115.5 thousand paratroopers carried out the An-2 and military transport helicopters and nearly 38 thousand jumps — from heavy military transport aircraft Il-76.

Leadership in the implementation of the program jumps keep Ulyanovsk connection Airborne paratroopers. Thus, the personnel of the Air Assault Brigade in 2012 were more than 13 thousand parachute jumps from An-2 aircraft and military transport helicopters and about 6 thousand jumps — of IL-76.

Dropping personnel carried out throughout the year in various conditions, both day and night. So, at night the paratroopers flew more than 2.5 thousand jumps, including about 400 at the exercises. 75 pilot jumping paratroopers made with test and research purposes using advanced parachute systems.

Fully implemented the plan on dropping of airborne aircraft weapons, goods for different purposes and heavy military equipment. For example, in 2012, was prepared and successfully implemented more than 115 landing sites. Of which about 90% is desantiruemye using strapdown systems mnogokupolnyh Armored (airborne combat vehicles, self-propelled artillery) and automotive vehicles, more than 10% — different models of weapons and goods desantiruemye on parachute platform.

According to the number of landings of military equipment to airborne lead Ivanovo and Tula Airborne compound here this year was prepared and carried out 29 and 26 landing sites of military and special equipment, respectively.

Did not prevent the implementation of the program of parachute jumps and cold, established in December in most parts of Russia. Thus, only in the last month of 2012 paratroopers had to make a 33.5 thousand parachute jumps out of airplanes and helicopters military transport aircraft, including more than 1,300 jumps — from large military transport aircraft Il-76 and over 17, 2 thousand — of the An-2 and Mi-8 helicopters.

When organizing parachute jumps in winter conditions in the Navy are taking strong measures to preserve the life and health of military personnel, to prevent frostbite and colds paratroopers.

To this end, on the ground and the landing sites unfold points heating personnel, equipped with heating furnaces in which military personnel are given hot tea, sandwiches, honey, extra food. In the same set field medical facilities, which are constant vigil medical service professionals.

Force commanders and military medical personnel conducted briefings for the Prevention of hypothermia and frostbite. A must for all military personnel in the commission of skydiving is wearing winter boots.

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