In 2012, the revenue of the company of Russian Railways has grown by 6% to 1.366 trillion rubles

Net profit JSC "Russian Railways" under RAS in 2012 decreased by 16.1% yoy to 14.11 billion rubles. against 16.822 billion rubles. in 2011 Revenues increased by 6% to 1.366 trillion rubles. from 1.288 trillion rubles. in 2011

Revenue from passenger long-distance increased by 9% to 8.117 billion rubles. to 7.421 billion rubles. in 2011, gross profit decreased by 7.4% to 67.535 billion rubles. against 72.933 billion rubles. in 2011
Profit before tax decreased by 13.6% to 66.153 billion rubles. from 76.556 billion rubles. in 2011

"Railways is the market leader in the segments of the rail freight, ranking third in the world in terms of cargo turnover.

The company owns nearly all locomotives in Russia. In 2012 JSC "Russian Railways" — Russia's leading owner, operator and lessor of freight rolling stock, which has more than 486 thousand pieces of equipment, "- said the Railways.

On September 30, 2012 asset value was estimated at about 4.1 trillion rubles. (About $ 134.2 billion).
Russian Railways is one of the companies making the major contribution to the GDP of Russia: in 2012 (Provisional), this contribution amounted to about 1.7%.

Just released a report on turnover:

Transportation volume for 2012 amounted to 1 billion 274.7 million tons (+2.7% compared to 2011), the share in the total turnover of the country (excluding pipelines) — 85.5%. In 2012, the network carried 1,000,000,000 56.7 million passengers (+6.4% compared to 2011).

The main projects of the investment program 2012-2014,.:

  • acceleration to 2014. Passenger traffic on the route Moscow-Adler, and by 2015 — a message between Rostov and Krasnodar
  • joint project of Siemens AG and the "Ekaterinburg" delivery and localization of high-speed electric rolling
  • organization of intermodal station on the route Kazan — the international airport "Kazan"
  • revitalization of the railway infrastructure of the Moscow transport hub.
Stock 2006 2007 2009 2012
Locomotives 278 319 355 211
Freight cars more than 8,500 about 40,000 8080 (7788 — ISC)  
Passenger cars 738 895 643  
Other motorized cars (trains) about 750 more than 740 695  
Investment more than 53 billion rubles more than 80 billion rubles 265.7 billion rubles 60.8 billion rubles


Future projects: up to 2020 in the modernization and expansion of the network infrastructure (without high-speed and high-speed projects) is expected to invest over $ 2.2 trillion. (About 70 billion U.S. dollars), stated in the annual report of JSC "Russian Railways" for 2011. Allotment 7 of priority infrastructure development projects. The company recognizes that it has adequate sources of financing planned large-scale projects, and the cost of borrowing on the bond market does not allow to implement infrastructure projects with positive financial results and return on investment

Reference: Railways — the largest employer in Russia, the company and its subsidiaries employs about 1.2 million people.

"The company is a wholly state-owned and enjoys public support. OAO" Russian Railways "is guided by the principles of social responsibility investment in social development projects in 2012, according to preliminary estimates, amounted to more than 9.7 billion rubles.", — Explained in the Railways

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