In 2012, the volume of production companies set up with the participation of RUSNANO, will reach 25 billion rubles

According to forecasts, in 2012 the volume of nano-products companies established with the participation of RUSNANO, should reach 25 billion rubles. These figures were cited today the head of RUSNANO CEO Anatoly Chubais, speaking at the First Congress of nanotechnology companies.

  • Moscow is hosting the first Congress of nanotechnology companies
  • Moscow is hosting the first Congress of nanotechnology companies

In 2010, with the participation of RUSNANO was first made production of 1 billion rubles, reminded the head of the company. In 2011, this amount was 11 billion rubles.

"For 2013 we have some estimations, but I do not risk their voice," — said Chubais told reporters.

It is difficult to predict the entire volume of products produced by enterprises of nanotechnology because, in his words, enterprises with RUSNANO up only about 10 percent of domestic enterprises of nanotechnology, the other almost 90 percent — that's independent entrepreneurs. However Chubais suggested that these independent entrepreneurs in the current year can produce products worth 195 billion rubles.

Currently, he said, in 50 regions of Russian producers operate 287 nano, of which only 47 — with the participation of RUSNANO. About three-quarters of these companies produce petroleum products. Last year, the volume of third-party products exceeded 40 billion rubles, but these figures — a significant lag from the plan Chubais said, adding that the plan was created for independent entrepreneurs "from scratch."

"The entire Russian nanotech — it's a start, a very specific industry, and extremely important for us to translate it to a new level — the head of RUSNANO. — We have all the real financial resources, but we need a self-organizing nanotech community, would you say that particularly necessary where to invest the money. "

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