In Abakan opened the largest plant for the production of hydraulic hoses

November 28.
High pressure hoses — an indispensable parts in hydraulic equipment. Without it costing cranes, excavators, bulldozers, road construction and other equipment, loggers and farmers, and of course, the coal industry. It is for these swords are delivered to the sites and mechanisms of heavy machinery oils, fuels, lubricating oils. Therefore, the high quality — the guarantor of the success of technology. The new workshop has two modern high line for the manufacture of hoses, so all the products comply with Russian standards and European standards.

Vyacheslav Gutkovskaya, commercial director of "Interros": "The hydraulic hoses mark" Interfleks "have been developed by our company with the participation of foreign partners, especially for the Siberian climate. Range of fittings is so varied that our customers do not have to wait a few days until their order is processed. The required number of RVD will be made as soon as possible "

Prepared for the production of a variety of orders for RVD, a greater than 240 titles of accessories are waiting for their turn. The plans of the company is in — in the coming months to become the largest manufacturer of high pressure hoses in Khakassia. Learn more about the new facility can be on the company's website at interross19.rf, or by phone at 215-217, 215-223. Is a manufacturing company "Interross" Abakan at the address. Sovetskaya 182 E.

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