In Abaza area of Karachay-Cherkessia open cultural and sports center

In a. Psyzh Abaza District Karachay-Cherkessia republic inaugurated the second building of the national cultural and sports center with a total area of 811.8 square meters This is the second sports facility, which was commissioned in early 2013.

Recall the construction of a national cultural and sports center began in 2005. However, in the active stage of construction of the object passed only in 2011. First of all cultural and sports center was put into operation in December 2011.

The building is the second building has a rectangular shape with dimensions 17,8 x44, 9m. Sports facility includes a multi-purpose hall for team sports — volleyball, basketball. Also in the hall of the boxing ring and set the conditions for training in judo, sambo, taekwondo, wrestling. It is assumed that the center will run a variety of clubs. In total there will be able to simultaneously engage 150 young athletes.

In the administrative and social annexe has showers, locker rooms, coaching rooms, etc. For the heating system installed in the sports complex autonomous boiler.

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