In agriculture Ulyanovsk region growing production volumes

On the results of I quarter of 2012 in the agricultural sector of the Ulyanovsk region marked increase in production. The index of the physical volume of agricultural output was 113.2%.
According to the Minister of Agriculture Alexander Chepuhina, increase in agricultural production due to the present period, the growth in livestock production

— The outcome of the January-March of this year in the livestock sector in the region continued positive growth of the production of meat, milk and eggs, as well as increasing the number of livestock of all kinds, — said Alexander Chepuhin.

According to statistics, in all categories of farms sold for slaughter of livestock and poultry (live weight), 18.8 thousand tons, or 113.3% compared to January-March 2011. Milk production amounted to 53.3 thousand tons (104.7%), eggs produced 119.6 million shares (104.8%). 

Growth in livestock production provided by the commercial sector, that is farms where meat production is increased by 35% (to 8.2 million tons), milk — by 7.9% (to 18.2 thousand tons) eggs — by 13.6% (to 94.9 million units). 

For 3 months of the year in the region has increased the productivity of farm animals. Thus, the milk yield per cow was 1 791 kg, an increase of 64 kg or 8.8% of the corresponding period last year. 

Measures taken to budget support contributed to increasing livestock livestock of all kinds of farm animals. 

As of April 1, 2012 the number of cattle increased compared to last year's level at 2,223 heads, or 1.4%, to 156.4 thousand. 

Including the number of cows increased by 1,302 head or 2.0%, to 67.3 million heads. 

The number of pigs increased by 31.1 thousand heads, or 24.1%, to 160.4 thousand heads of sheep and goats — by 2.4 thousand units or 3.6% (68.1 thousand heads) , poultry — by 656.1 thousand heads or 18.3% (4 million 251.3 thousand heads).

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