In Alexander’s Tomsk region opens a new hospital building

The bright rooms, spacious corridors, chambers, equipped with the very latest technology — in aleksandrovtsev ready to open the updated body of the Central District Hospital, which should comfortably seat clinic and infectious disease clinic.

Matching standards

Construction, or rather reconstruction of the old two-story hospital building began in 2010. Then the local construction company has started an ambitious plan of reorganization of the building, so to speak, from the ground up. There it was decided to replace all the basic system of "life" case — ventilation, drainage, wiring, heating system, make alterations to the premises in accordance with current medical standards … In the same year, the building has a new roof. Next — was the replacement of windows, trim chambers and offices on European standards. Today, at the exit, admits chief medical officer of the Alexander CRH Vyacheslav Kozlov, a rural district hospital has a housing, at least, no worse than the city.

— Modern standards of medical services dictate stringent requirements not only to the level of medical care, but also to equip hospitals, worthy of the premises, — says the head physician. — Compliance with all standards of the new building — was a matter of first importance, as a guarantee of the future success of the entire medical system. It is often the conditions play a significant role in the healing process. So that, for example, for patients with infectious diseases that peace and isolation — top aides on the road to recovery. Therefore, special attention is paid to the conversion of infectious department. We managed to meet all standards that are critical to such offices, separate entrance, full isolation rooms, private bathrooms in the wards, and self ventilation.

Achilles' heel

And where were formerly clinic and infectious disease clinic, prior to renovation, you may ask.

Answer: in an old wooden one-story buildings of the middle of the last century. Dilapidated housing has long been the Achilles heel of health facilities. Cold — in winter, the heat — in the summer, the narrow corridors, lack of space, because of which the experts had to conduct a reception in tiny, uncomfortable offices — all of this made the stay of patients there, to put it mildly uncomfortable: persistent queue in the corridors — not overcrowded.

— In such circumstances, to maintain a consistently high level of medical care was not easy — recognized Vyacheslav Kozlov. — But for us it is a matter of prime. Alexander — the most northern, remote from the regional center area. In which case, we can only rely on myself most of the year, when it ceases to act "winter road" through the Ob, to get to the district center and the majority of our communities can only by boat or by helicopter. Therefore, to have their own good medical base is important to us.


And this base today Alexander's district is! Thanks to the excellent work of the six medical stations located in remote villages Nazinskoy medical clinics and eight major branches CRH, which are located in the center of the district, the village of Alexandrov, medical assistance to the residents of "the North" can receive timely and appropriate level.

What will happen to the old buildings?

— The fate of old infectious case has been solved, — said Vyacheslav G. us. — In the near future they will be demolished. In their place, the summer will begin the construction of the park, where patients will be able to walk CRH. Also near the hospital will be convenient parking. Today of cars here a little, and, it would seem, why do they need a large number of: most patients get to the hospital on foot, because Alexandrov — a small village, you can walk around it without much energy. However, not everything is so simple. Many patients come to the doctor from the neighboring towns, such as the New Vasyugan, Kargasoksky area, they have to spend in the hospital one day, so good parking — not a luxury but a necessity.

And then what?

Prior to the official opening of the new building just a few days. Now there are imported equipment, complete sanitization facilities. From day to day should come with new furniture: beds, tables, cabinets, chairs — everything you need to get started. On this out of the district budget and fund MHI has been allocated a total of about 3 million rubles. Next — all behind to update the database of medical equipment. All applications have been made.

Updates are also waiting for the field offices and CRH: very soon the village will Prohorkino introduced a new modular medical and health post (fully ready for use paramedic unit with several rooms and the necessary equipment), which will increase the level of medical care, they say, and on the ground. Broadly speaking, the objectives and plans of the hospital for 2013 are many: to engage the involvement of young professionals and tighten existing skills, then look for opportunities to upgrade the material and technical base, debug the new offices.

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