In Astrakhan fishermen found Sarmatian gold

The total weight of treasure trove was about 1.15 kilograms. Photo

Sarmatian gold ornaments weighing more than 1 kg found two Russians, fished near the village of Trinity Astrakhan region in the coastal zone of the river Bakhtemir. This was reported in the provincial Ministry of Culture.

"Find the necklace and bracelet — the total weight of 1.15 kg. Decorations are unquestionable attributes rich Sarmatian burial time (the early Iron Age, the 4th century BC — 5th century BC). Not closed ends of the bracelet decorated with a griffin head, ends hryvnia — as lying with bent legs animal, like a cat or a tiger "- told in the Ministry.

According to head of the preservation of cultural heritage Ivan Kuznetsov similar findings in the Astrakhan region was from the 1980's. "It's nice that young people appreciate the find, its historical value and transferred to specialists. Soon gold jewelry will add a rich Sarmatian collection in the museum, "- said Kuznetsov.

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