In August 2008, Russia did go up in the air Tu-160 — source

A senior officer of the Russian Air Force announcedTelegrapher,
that during the short Georgian-Ossetian conflict Russia really raised the strategic bombers Tu-160 in the air for preventive measures.


"Indeed, from a military airfield in Engels were raised three Tu-160, and the Americans, and Georgia, and other countries have been notified about it", — Said the officer.

He also said he did not know whether they were nuclear weapons, or only blanks.

"The rumors that supposedly one Tu-160 dropped the disc near Tbilisi — is likely rumors, but I just confirm or deny it I can not, because they do not know"— Said the source.

He explained that the bombers were raised in the air in response to attempts by the U.S. to pass into the Black Sea Fleet. According to him, "Russia has shown that it is ready to go to the end, and the White House decided not to help Saakashvili, as seen today, it is not for nothing changed my mind."

The full interview with the officer read Thursday at Tb.

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