In Austria, a day the weather changed from summer to winter

Photo ITAR-TASSIn just one night the inhabitants of Austria moved from unusually warm "Indian Summer" in the winter. As early as Thursday afternoon air is heated to 27 degrees in some places the heat, and this morning the thermometer showed only slightly above zero. The temperature difference a day made up more than 20 degrees.
The reason for such a whim of nature, reminding process of hardening, the invasion was a strong cold front that brought the warm sun to replace the cold, wind and rain, and the mountains — snow. White, fluffy carpet thickness of 10-12 cm is dressed green forests and pastures at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level and higher.
Snowfall violated by road in parts of Austria. Some of the passes had to be closed to traffic. Storm the steep mountain slopes, covered with a thick layer of snow, vehicles without special equipment, and even "shod" in the summer rubber was not under force.
Forecasters have warned that in the coming days the border snow could fall to 500 meters above sea level. In this regard, motorists advised as soon as possible to change summer tires to winter without waiting November 1 — the official date by which the vehicles in Austria should go to winter outfit, ITAR-TASS reported.

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