In Belarus, a wild boar — 2.5 potential killers

November 13, Belarus changed the rules of hunting. Thus, according to the new edition, approved by Alexander Lukashenko, to hunt wild boar, beaver or otter can actually be year-round. This step is explained by the fact that in recent years the number of wildlife species has increased substantially. But would not a liberalization of the hunting industry to reduce the population of the beast? For example, now each boar accounting for more than two hunters.

Now in Belarus to produce boars can be more often than before. From May 1 to September 30 — ambush and stalking, in the interval from October 1 to December 30 — beaters and dogs, from 1 January to 30 April — from the ambush, and the towers. Measures are due to an increase in the number of wild boars, which are resulting in increasing harm to humans and agriculture. For example, the population of wild boars now has about 64 thousand.

Another animal, which removed protection status — the beaver. Beavers in Belarus is almost the same as wild boars and, — a little more than 62 thousand. Extract it will be from September 1 to March 1. The same terms of hunting, as well as a beaver in force for river otters. In the country it has more than 5,000.

In hunting community welcomes innovations and say that such steps are necessary had to do much earlier. Says the hunter with years of experience Sergei Zhdanovich:

Entire roads fail, so break.

"The fact that they are bred just nemeryannom, and they are now beginning to bear real losses. Dick — the economy, and, in both the public and private holdings. Beaver — roads and, consequently, also farms and the environment, because it makes the dam will flood. Entire roads fail, so break. Otter eating fish is active, the fund suffers a fish. So it's not "from the blockhead" taken and, in theory, it should have been doing even earlier. For several years, there are complaints primarily on wild boar and beaver — and why they were finally taken out of the Red Book, allowing the first hunting with traps, and now anyone, with a gun as well. And it is not only good for the hunter, there is a great opportunity to hunt. It's good for the country as a whole. Step belated but positive. We have the same time nothing is done … . "

Hunters in Belarus than wild boar and beaver combined — 150,000 people. Would not that expand the scope of hunting a negative impact on the population of these species? Head of the hunting activities of the Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen Anatoly Molozhavsky assures that the thoughtless destruction of animals will not be — everything remains under the control of the appropriate authorities:

"This is not quite true that putting deadlines associated only with a sharp increase in the population. In any event, more or less will not fire. Even today, and according to the rules, which only come into force, there are plans for withdrawal. They are approved each year: to be held account, the amount is determined, and even on the basis of accounting and the recommendations of scientists — many of unaccounted livestock can be taken — they are approved by organizations of the Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Environment and Dyarzhinspektsyi. That is, in any case more will not shoot. For example, the population of the same growing wildly depending on winter. If a severe winter, the population in a year or two may fall. But so far have been mild winters, except for the latter, the number of wild boars in the country has increased substantially, the problems began. Accordingly, increased ejection fraction and plans. The timing moved to make it easier to users of hunting grounds, so as not to burst at some time — for all the fall shoot. You can get somewhere less somewhere else. "

According Molozhavsky, the new rules are not only liberal approach, but systematyzuyuts former vsedazvolenasts. For example, self-hunt for the wolf, who some time ago made the list of "undesirables" predators will be more difficult:

"The wolf is related to undesirable species, it is also hunting in the country closed. The only thing that with the release of the new rules become more stringent hunting is allowed out of time. Previously, you had to take a ticket and one walk and hunt the wolf, fox, raccoon dog, the same magpie. Now unwanted species — unless accompanied by a game warden. That is, this moment will be more rigid — uncontrolled, so to speak, bovtannya the forest will not. "

Of hunters in general tend to assume that the list of "dangerous animals" with all the sad consequences for them should be expanded. As one of the hunters, first of all it concerns the swan, which is made in a number of stereotypical untouchable, but that's what being hurt is not one lake in Belarus, including NAROCH:

And we have the trial judge for a swan song says, "How swans flew over the lands sunny day", begins to cry and you vpayvae 5 years. But this is a goose, but very healthy.

"In order to allow culling of swans — it would be good. Because swan specifically interferes nature squeezes swamp game. He's big and food places ducks, coots, snipe all survive. This is first. Secondly, on the same because of a swan Narach problem. At least this is confirmed by scientists. Because the lake is shallow near the shore of the swan ekskrementav arise microorganisms and who Narach rest, almost guaranteed returns with scabies. Cygnus we very much. For example, in Poland, for this reason, the swan beat for five years: you get a license — and more. That is, regulating their amount. And we have the trial judge for a swan song says, "As the swans flew over the lands sunny day," starts to cry and you vpayvae 5 years. But this is a goose, but very healthy. "

However, many experts fervor hunters and government agencies do not share. Ecologist Valery Dranchuk convinced that talk of "bust livestock" officials want to give the appearance of his ebullient — say, thanks to the care of the state zvyare start to multiply rapidly:

"All of these services — the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, others — are in such condition that they have to report their tumultuous activity. And so instead they share some pryrodalyubnyh agree that this or that kind can be derived from the Red Book and make a record that accomplished a lot of work to improve the population. I just do not believe it. My own experience is very large stock of distrust to these actions, including the so-called visual signal relative to the types of hunting beaver, otter, etc. It is shameful that the voice of nature, we are responsible arrows correspond force a fierce hatred of nature. I have deliberately used this expression, because it all really looks like exactly what we're going back to the traditions of savagery in relation to nature. "

Mr. Dranchuk draws attention to the fact that the new version of the hunting regulations referred to his "savagery" becomes quite real. For example, uzakonvaetstsa captive hunting, where animals would act as a target shootings. It is planned that in a fenced area will contain hoofed animals against which you can use bows and crossbows. Captive hunting provides production including the European fallow deer and sika deer.


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