In Belarus, the EU released glyasary terms

In Minsk gallery "in" the presentation of the paper version of "Glyasaryyu terms the European Union", which had previously existed only on the Internet. Edition prepared by Belarusian Center for European Studies.

Reference Dictionary, the full name of which is "Glyasary terms of the European Union and Eastern Partnership" was released by the publishing house "Logvinov." Internet version of this handbook about a month ahead of the publication of the book. Compiled by "Glyasaryyu" — Alexander Adamiants, scientific editors — Andrei Fedorov andAlexander Vlaskina.

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Center for European Studies expert Andrei Fedorov said: "The uniqueness of this book only for Belarus, in other countries, including and those that are included in the program "Eastern Partnership," they have long existed. But in Belarus, it is really the first such example. She explains what is happening in the European Union, there are processes which, as created, how the European Union. In our circumstances, when very few people even know what a united Europe, it is very interesting and very useful. "

The creators of the dictionary-reference book "Glyasary terms of the European Union" are planning to hold a presentation manual and in the regions.

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