In Central Russia expected the cold snap

Atlantic cyclone, brought wet and warm weather moves into the area of the Arkhangelsk region and filling. In its rear portion is beginning to spread over the dry and cold air from Scandinavia. On Saturday, it will lead to the erosion of clouds, snow, and reduce the likelihood of a decrease in temperature to -6 … -11 °. Then the region will fall under the influence of Scandinavian anticyclone. Is expected to further decrease in temperature, which is lower than the norm and will on Sunday night -11 … -16 °, in the afternoon — about -10 °. The culmination of the cold waves have on a Monday, when in clear weather at night frosts get stronger to -15 … -20 °, the day will be -10 … -15 °. And then instead of waiting for Epiphany Epiphany frosts blizzard!

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