In Chelyabinsk, the earth trembles again


Chelyabinsk residents complain again to the "trembling earth." Today, October 8, shaking buildings was particularly noticeable in several areas of the city. "I have the feeling that the building is bursting at the seams. And a terrible roar, "- said the staff of office high-rise buildings on the street of Enthusiasts.

"Earthquake" is also felt by residents of several homes northwest and Traktorozavodskogo district.

Deputy Governor of Chelyabinsk Yegor Kovalchuk confirmed «URA.Ru», that today the city authorities received complaints from the public about shaking homes. "We have already reported this to the Ministry of radiation and environmental safety of the area. Again, we will deal with the Ministry of Defence, "- said Kovalchuk.

South Urals massively began to complain of vibration damage to buildings and walls in 2010. "Tremors" even recorded a seismic "Artie", located in the Sverdlovsk region. The only version that is subsequently confirmed, was that the "earthquake" is a blast wave, which comes to the capital of the Southern Urals with Chebarkulsky landfill where there is a disposal of old ammunition.

Administration of Chelyabinsk filed by the Defense Ministry to court. But the meeting did not take place because the command of the Central Military District has promised that from the beginning of this summer on the disposal of ammunition under Chebarkul will use the new installation "The Destroyer" P-40, which destroys old shells by reactive burning and burning his explosive without detonation.

This, according to the military, should significantly reduce the sound wave and virtually eliminate the occurrence of a shock. Although the new installation were applied, the effect of it was almost zero. Chelyabinsk residents, as well as to the nearby cities and towns CHEBARKUL still feel the "trembling earth."

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