In China Lake panicked crocodiles


Website reports of mass panic thousand crocodiles in the lake, which is on a crocodile farm near the city of Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province, China, which has already provoked debate in the Chinese Internet.

It is reported that thousands of crocodiles almost at the same time September 9, 2012 up to the surface of the lake and behaved very restless.

Some Chinese Internet users fear that panic crocodiles may indicate signs of an imminent earthquake or other natural disasters. Some joked that crocodiles gathered at the general meeting, some pointed out that maybe the crocodiles do not have enough sun and they rose to the surface of the water.

However, such a massive, almost simultaneous emergence of crocodiles on the surface of the lake, even puzzled that farm workers who first witnessed such a spectacle. The representative of the Seismological Bureau of Nanjing, said that the reason for mass panic crocodiles may be related to variations in temperature, as the latest monitoring data shows the lack of earthquake risk in Nanjing.

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