In Feodosiya bay fish disappears

In Feodosiya bay fewer fish.  Photo

Anglers Feodosia note that in the Gulf of fewer fish. According to them, the main reason is water pollution.

— A couple of years ago was very fishy year: the current does not compare. I then flounder for 10 kg stretched, and in general the fridge was full of fish, — said one of the fishermen Herman Filippovich.

According to him, in the Gulf began to disappear Black Sea salmon and sea trout. Only at the end of spring there was a lot of surmullet, as it is not very demanding on the purity of water.

Among the reasons for reducing the fish locals call and deepening the port bay, jet skis, which scare away the fish, and the lack of control over the fishing nets. But all agree that the bay was more dirty, the "Center".

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