In June, the camp will volunteer to clean up the Gulf

Volunteers will conduct trash removal in the Gulf of Finland in the volunteer camp "clearance" from June 24 to July 5, said the head of the camp Alina Kolovska.

"The place we have chosen to clean, very beautiful, but heavily littered. This beach is well known to fans of" wild "tourism. Some of them leave behind a small dump under bushes. We will scrape these ancient pile. Believe that the collector will much, not a ton, "- said Kolovska RIA Novosti.

According to the organizers, the harvest will be from separate collection of waste. Recyclables will be transported to the processing in St. Petersburg, and other waste — to the nearest landfill. Daily to the camp participants will be educational and entertaining program in the format of workshops, concerts, workshops and lectures.

"There is already a list of guests, performances which constitute the cultural camp program. Ekovolontery There will arrive, experienced organizers of environmental activities and a lot of musicians," — added Kolovska.

The initiators of the camp "Clearance" stands coalition "Pro waste". This non-profit association of the All-Russian public organizations and activist groups created to deal with the rubbish. The Coalition is actively pursuing educational activities to familiarize people with the separate collection of waste with social advertising and days of recyclables in the parks of Moscow.

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