In Krasnoyarsk extended mode of adverse weather conditions because of smog

Municipality of Krasnoyarsk, where remains could from forest fires, extended treatment of adverse weather conditions (IUM) until August 3, said the city authorities.

Mode of adverse weather conditions, under which businesses and residents should minimize emissions to the atmosphere, was installed on 26 July and 1 August, now it was renewed for another two days.

According to the forest fire center, in the region now operates 79 forest fires on the total area of 9.816 hectares. The Forest Protection noted that the increase in the number of fires associated with the established in the region of dry and hot weather.

Earlier, a similar regime has twice declared in Krasnoyarsk — the beginning and the end of June, for 5 days and 4 days, respectively.

"We recommend that companies respect the work of the city, providing reduction in the concentration of pollutants in the surface layer of the atmosphere, according to the declaration of the NMU and the list of activities under industry rules emission limits," — said in a statement.

Authorities also recommend car owners for the duration of the regime NMU, where possible, use public transport, "- said the mayor's office.

The government also encouraged the employees housing with a wet cleaning the streets, and the owners of private homes — do not burn trash to get rid of dust and reduce harmful emissions to a minimum.

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