In Minsk region staged a holiday Christmas carols kings, which is included in the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

This folk ritual originated in XVIII century, but remained only in the village Semezhevo. It involves only the young men and boys, who are called kings. This ceremony is a list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Ivan Matskevich these words will never forget. In the early 50's, he was one of semezhevskih kings. Played important — King Maximilian. While remembers now.

Today is the first guy in the village — elektromanter Dmitry. The fact that at 38 he would become king, was not expecting. But local residents have decided so. For its textured appearance and humor.

In the holiday "Christmas carols kings", which takes place in the village Semezhevo Kopyl district on the night of 13 to 14 January, involved seven kings. Each of them has its own role. But still, as one, in white suits. On the breast crosswise tied belt with geometric patterns. Then line up growth. Commanded the king's physician systems.

And so they built a unanimous call at every house. There Mummers kings with bread and salt.

Dmitry Bazylevich:
This is for the gifts, that people give.

The village Semezhevo everything from small to large, are waiting for this event. Songs, dances, jokes, jokes — walk the night. Podnabratsya forces can here — in a generous evening table breaking from various delicacies.

Semezhevo — a big village. Caroling begins with dinner. And so every year on the eve of the Old New Year is not one hundred years

According to local legend, the ritual appeared in the XVIII century, when Semezhevo stood near the royal army. Soldiers and officers went from house to house, congratulating the hosts, sang and danced. When the group left the village, took over the tradition of the local youth.

A very long time about the ritual known only in Kopyl district. Now he is famous throughout the world, reports the correspondent of "Capital TV". In 2009, the Belarusian rite "Christmas carols kings" is listed in the List of World Intangible Heritage. And recently, the team awarded the special prize of the President of Belarus to culture and the arts.

Nikolai Kulikov, Chairman of the Executive Committee on Agriculture Semezhevo Kopyl district:
This rite, as a kind of advertisement for us and for our country.

Kolyadovschiki before the night will walk and walk home. Ivan Matskevich the holiday went. Said his was done on. Favorite tradition of his youth, he looks on TV and remember how it was.

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