In Moscow fonit military unit

In suburban Elektrostal measuring radioactivity showed above normal in 133 times. In military unit N3270 are serving more than 800 conscripts who guard defense enterprises of the city and "Machine-Building Plant." It is the largest producer of nuclear fuel in Russia.

"The source of infection may have been a ground which was brought to town and country planning to waste disposal facility owned by the factory," — said in an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Command of a staff officer, Colonel Andrei Vasilyev.

Four years ago, in part decided to build a medical center. Before starting work, be subject to mandatory study area, which is made by experts of scientific-production association "Rodon". Then there was a significant excess of background radiation in one particular place — it was fenced off with a special tape. Personnel were warned.

At this stage of the project clinic suspended in the near future to deactivate the detected area and spend the rest of the study area. Radium-226, the presence of which was found in the soil, with half-life forms volatile radon-222. Couples the gas contribute to the emergence of cancer in humans.

Recently there was a leakage of chemicals in Udmurtia, in the village Balezino. On March 22 there is a regime of emergency. In December 2011, the station "Balezino" came several cars in chemicals division of one of the legal entities, based in Izhevsk. The substances have been unloaded and merged into the unused bitumen pit near the village.

The investigation has opened a criminal case on an abuse treatment hazardous materials and waste. "The substance is a local place, it will not apply. Threats to the health of the villagers Balezino it is not" — said the deputy chairman of the regional government Ildar Bikbulatov.

Meanwhile, the villagers hold meetings and ask the authorities to conduct an analysis of air and water that they contain life-threatening substances. They also require an exact date the beginning of waste disposal.

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