In New — York for Thanksgiving and Christmas trees bloom

In New York, there is a natural phenomenon — the city which is decorated for Thanksgiving and Christmas, suddenly blossomed trees, RIA Novosti reported.
Cherry blossoms on the trees, which in some places still hold the old leaves, suddenly appeared brush white flowers. The plant, which is considered a symbol of Japan's resilience and beauty, usually bloom in early spring and keep your white dress no more than 10 days. In Japan at the time satisfied the mass festivals admiring cherry blossoms, Americans also come in the early spring to Washington to please the eye to some Sackur alley near the White House and the Capitol. However, the fall in North America do not cherry blossom.

In New York, the trees bloom
New York Sakura probably just messed up the seasons. In November, the city that is set back in the summer greens, hit the blue, broken crowns of many trees. A few days later the sun melted the snow cover, and the city established unusually warm with daytime temperatures up to 18 degrees above zero.
Autumn flowering trees seen in the dream, usually portends a wonderful event, surprise, delight, joy, say downers.
In real life, the autumn flowering — anomalous: Thermal failure "cheated" buds that have not sent out next spring.

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