In Nigeria, the woman gave birth to a mutant, like a kid


Shocking news came from Nigeria, where a woman gave birth to a creature like a kid or a foal. And she brought forth is something right in the church, during the evangelical prayer meeting (Baptists), which was held on 11 September 2012 (9/11) in the town of Edo.

Witnesses say the woman was a local supplier of herbs and she came to the church in the hope that it will relieve the abbot of infertility power of prayer. Minister Silva (Evangelical Theological title) a woman anointed with oils and began to pray for her to exorcise the demons and restore her fertility. During the prayer, the woman began to bleed, and she gave birth in a church.

Nurse Veronica Egibor witnessed dramatic events.

"She was screaming, going bleeding, she was given someone else's shirt and planted it. She sat down. Round fallen fruit. Woman also fell. This was something … Some people called him a jerk, but it looked like a horse. It has long neck and his ears were long. creature was very similar to the colt. "

After being born Welfare Minister warned his followers that they are kept away from the demon. Many parishioners screamed and ran away from the house of worship.

The woman was reportedly taken to a medical facility, and the creature was left on the floor of the church in a sticky puddle of birth. No one tried to help the "baby" and he was dead by the time the local news agencies arrived to take photos.




The creature remained in the church for the evening, and then threw it in the morning. Parishioners in horror. They say that in the past have seen miracles in the church, such as the transformation of money into the turtles, but this they did not expect.

Reporters asked for comments to Dr. Jerry Uvalfo, who works in the central city hospital. The doctor asked, is it possible that the woman had given birth to something like a foal.

The doctor replied that — "God does not do such miracles. He did not allow a woman to give birth to a horse."

PS: Judging by the photos of the term "horse" or "colt" is not well suited to the description of this creature …. And, here is a replica of parishioners that the creature looks like a "goat" apparently meant the Devil. Interesting and the date of the incident 11.09.2012 symbolic date of 9/11.

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