In Novosibirsk, the dogs became more attacking pedestrians

In Novosibirsk, the dogs became more attacking pedestriansThis statistic, but without numbers it is clear what will happen if an enraged Warhound meet a young child.

As in the story of Little Red Riding Hood: Daria Molodin gathered to his grandmother. Came to a stop — like the corner popped beast. Huge Rottweiler suddenly rushed at her.

Daria Molodin: "Very scary, big. I was scared, I wanted to run down, but he ran, and here's bit me. Tore down jacket — started his fight. "

Adult rottweiler can eat 2-3 bites the handle of a shovel. Dashin jacket shattered in an instant. Dog bite her hand and grabbed his shoulder.
The dog attacked the girl here on this site. The moment at the bus stop, there were many people, but to help the girl no one dared.

Helped a man, he passed by, stopped, hit the dog down and put Dasha in the car. A few minutes later the police arrived — Rottweiler took special service. Girl by ambulance to the hospital.

Rostislav Zablocki, chief physician of city children's hospital ambulance: "Recently, it at least three or four bites per day. We have statistics — for the first ten months of this year, about 900 cases, we have already received bite wounds. "

And this is only one children's hospital. It is curious that usually attack the domestic dog. Novosibirsk doctors brought bitten by a Rottweiler, Dobermans and Caucasian Shepherd Dogs. Stray dogs are aggressive rarer — they tend to only defend and protect their territory.

Nikolai Malai, Deputy Head of Department of Energy, Housing and Communal Services of Novosibirsk, "If the dog owner's, the risk is only in one case — if simple rules are violated walking — without a leash and a muzzle, it can only be in certain places, where there is no threat to people where there is no danger of traffic and so on. "

Walk pet without a muzzle and leash will cost the owner of a maximum of three thousand rubles — if someone call the police. These measures are not adequate. The number of victims in the past three months has increased. Experts believe: it is necessary to tighten the responsibility for posterity — abandoned puppies grow outdoors. Communal thought: to house all the homeless dogs need to spend more than 3 billion a year. Such amount in the budget yet.

Dasha's hand heals. She bought a new jacket. But walking down the street child is afraid of — around the dog.

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