In Pinsk reacted to the speech of Freedom

November 9 in Pinsk main health center held a collective meeting. It medics discussing, among other things, details of Radio Liberty, "We expect that the president put it," which stated that there is no clinic in the syringe.

Today, the central administration of the Pinsk palikiniki reported that from Pinsk City Council received a written order "to the New Year with this money is not spared." Explains Chief physician clinics Sergei Groom:

"Yes, indeed, considered this issue, but it was held in the framework of criticism. It was not a special meeting is around the critical material. On the other hand, the journalists 'freedom' could inform the including and positive. For example, the fact that all the victims of the accident at the "Pinskdrev" timely assistance was provided to the extent necessary. So, people were killed, but they did not die because the doctors performed poorly.

However, I believe that could and to write about aspects related to the efficiency of emergency workers. Also, the position efficiency Central Hospital, described the help we had a Ministry of Health, moral and material, in that day. "

During the explosion at the factory fiberboard Company "Pinsk Wood" 21 people were injured, two of them died immediately, one died in the hospital on the same day. At the hospital, Pinsk, Brest, Minsk received 18 people. To date, the death toll is 14 people. Three victims are in the Brest Regional Hospital, three — in a hospital emergency room in Minsk.



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