In Prague, an absolute temperature record

The unusually hot weather in these days in the Czech Republic — in Prague on Monday an absolute temperature record, 40.4 degrees Celsius in the shade, the Czech news agency CTK reported, citing data from the National State Hydrometeorological Service.

"In the district of Prague-West meteorologists recorded a temperature of 40.4 degrees, 0.2 degrees higher than the previous record set in 1983," — said the representative of the Czech Hydrometeorological.

In the city of Pribram thermometer climbed to 37.6 degrees, 5.8 degrees higher record of 1892.

Nearby Beroun was also a record high temperature — 38.7 degrees, the top record 69-year-old.

In the Usti region in Doksanah established tropical heat — 39.3 degrees.

Czech authorities are warning people about the dangers of forest fires.

Czech Railways train speed limited to seventy sites across the country, because in this heat curved railway track.

Czech Post on Monday provided some of their employees a day off, the drivers of public transport across the country received free refreshments.

Chief of General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces, Peter Paul ordered to shorten the working day for the military.

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