In Pskovenergo completed the reconstruction of the network control system

The branch of JSC "IDGC North-West" "Pskovenergo" started new Network and Sharing Center. Instead, there appeared a supervisory board video wall — a modern system of collective display of information.

As the "truth of Pskov" the press service of "Pskovenergo" was caused by the need to reconstruct the moral and physical deterioration of old mosaic mnemonic shield that served Pskov grid 30 years. Video wall capabilities, which are already used and which have yet to develop, will significantly increase the efficiency of decision-making personnel and the quality of supervisory control in enterprise networks, and hence the reliability of electricity supply throughout the Pskov region. Tepe NCC "Pskovenergo" is one of the most modern control centers in Russia.

Video wall NCC "Pskovenergo" designed in a modular fashion based on 21 videocube Mitsubishi 72WE. The number of video cubes is due to the volume of information that must be displayed on the video wall to effectively monitor and control processes in networks of 35-110 kV. Basically TT video wall clock wiring diagram is displayed on the entire working field of 7 modules in the configuration of the horizontal and vertical 3. The total area of the wall — more than thirty square meters. Each video cube — a small but very powerful projector that creates a high-definition image.

As a display system for collective use, video wall is characterized by the ability to output information about the basic parameters of the distribution network from a variety of sources in the dynamics, in particular the parameters of remote signaling and telemetry received from the operational information complex "RSDU-2." This allows you to more efficiently manage the electricity grid for planned switching and to reduce the liquidation process failures.

Video wall allows scaling or detail design of the electrical network, "Pskovenergo" to expand the number of displayed parameters and visualize them in different scenarios. If necessary, you can display video wall almost all the data necessary dispatcher on duty: network diagrams, control applications, graphs, charts, tables, and more. Additional information — meteokarta, Journal of outages, etc. reproduced as information windows in the free places scheme on the left side.

Costs "Pskovenergo" for the reconstruction of central control in total amounted to 30.1 million rubles from the investment company.

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