In Serbia, for the period of frost rescued from snow captivity more than 250 people

Serbian lifeguards rescued 255 people, at a critical juncture in the aftermath of heavy snow and frost, the head of the Department of Emergency Situations Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia, Predrag Maric.

Most of these people have been evacuated from remote areas, the road to which was completely covered with snow, and they could not get medical or other assistance in the usual way.

According to Maric, the consequences of abnormal cold and snowfall in Serbia 20 people died. It is expected that this number will increase. Now rescuers search operation conducted in the west, where the avalanche was demolished in the Lake 38-year-old man.

Due to adverse weather conditions the Serbian authorities more than a week ago, was introduced a state of emergency. In many parts of the country last week, the temperature dropped below minus 20 degrees Celsius, due to the effects of snowfall tens of thousands of people were cut off from electricity.

In the coming days, meteorologists predict the weather improved, but delivery of food and fuel to the areas most affected by the bad weather continue.

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