In Shchuchyn area saw a UFO

March 28, 2012 13:14

In Shchuchyn area saw a UFOVillagers Pelevtsy Shchuchyn area in the evenings watching the sky strange objects

Together with a neighbor in the village Pelevtsy Shchuchyn area, not far from Ostrin twice had seen something similar to an unidentified flying object. Moreover, 22, and 24, a UFO appeared in the sky at about the same time — about 10:00 pm. Note that in both cases, the behavior of this strange object completely consistent. We saw him at a distance of 15-25 presumably kilometers, probably already over the territory of Lithuania.

Through binoculars the object resembled something like a large LED flashlight or a star. This star first as a forked, and then from her and sent her to the "lamps" smaller. They move with great speed and unpredictable trajectories. Glow was bluish white and brighter ordinary stars.

Then all the small objects merge with larger, and he began to smooth and very slow decrease perpendicular to the ground. According to neighbors, the Soviet Union there was a helicopter unit. Maybe now there is a NATO base and it's not a UFO, and the object of military, working on physical principles unknown to science. I am a military retiree, Captain 2 rank, seen a lot in the service, but this has never seen. Time has been the appearance of the object twice, I think, he still lights up the sky. Interestingly, one in Belarus has been researching such phenomena? And who to call in such cases?

Sergei Kuznetsov

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