In Taishet district in the village collapsed fireball

On the eve of the villagers Melt Taishet district enjoys a unique natural phenomenon — a ball of lightning. Unfortunately, the extraordinary spectacle was accompanied by very destructive, affecting many homes.

The most severe damage fireball struck home the Ivanov family. As told hostess Ekaterina Ivanova, the lightning and thunder with a great incredible force struck the house, knocked the glass in the double frames, all appliances damaged, destroyed furniture, smashed crockery, and then a huge fireball disappeared, leaving only a deep smell of ozone. At the time of the accident in the room was only the head of the family, and his wife and young daughter, by happy chance, out of the house in just a minute before the accident.

"Frightened, I did not, because it all happened quickly. All I remember is crashing and breaking glass. In the more feared for his wife and daughter, "- says a father Mikhail Ivanov.

As it turned out, the ball lightning "was hosted by" not only at the Ivanovs — about 20 houses of the village affected by its actions, the family lost their equipment and appliances. Victims and victims.

Local authorities have promised to help the affected families, partly to compensate for damage.

"We examined all. Help financially, hold the wiring, insert the frame. But as for phones, televisions and other equipment — I do not know, we have not included in the list, "- said Sergey Pastushenko, head Talsky municipality.

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