In the Altai region commissioned two new bridges

Built another bridge over the river Charysh (Charyshskie region) and an overpass over the railroad (Zavyalovsky district).

In the area on ZAVYALOVSKY highway of regional significance "Romanovs — Zavyalovo — Baevo" put overpass over the railroad (59.2 m) and approaches thereto (1423 m). The total length of the construction site was 1.5 km. The work was carried out during the current year. This route provides a link between the settlements three districts of the province: Zavyalovsky, Romanovsky and Baevsky. The need for the construction of the object corresponding to modern requirements for highways, arose in connection with the increase in traffic density and increased requirements for safety. The construction of the overpass and approaches has been directed 107 million rubles from the regional budget.

In Charyshsky area on the section of road Intermunicipal values "Sentelek — Mashenka — Aba" put into operation bridge over the river. Charysh. Its length — 0.4 km. On this road of communication between villages and Mashenka Aba Sentelek the village, district center and other settlements Charyshsky district. The bridge was built to ensure the passage of schoolchildren. The need for another bridge across Charysh also arose in connection with the active development agriculture, tourism — The opening of new tourist routes branded edge. In the construction of this section of the road, which began in April 2011, was invested 66,700,000 rubles from the regional budget.

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