In the Altai region opened a new cheese plant

In the Tretyakov's Altai region opened milk processing plant GC "Kiprino" — LLC "Tretyakovski Creamery."

The investment amounted to about 640 million rubles. Thus, the company has entered the top ten of cheese-making plants Altai region in terms of the feedstock. Raw materials for processing at the plant will supply 17 agricultural organizations, as well as private farms of Zmeinogorsk, Tretyakov, Kuryinsky, Loktevsky and Krasnoschekovskogo areas. The project built a new factory building — from offices acceptance of milk to finished goods warehouse. The works on the organization of electricity, heat and water production, laid sewer system. Finishing work carried out administrative and residential use, landscaping plant. The whole process chain of cheese production is equipped with modern equipment.

The main production line is made to order company in Spain, its installation and start-up operations carried out by specialists of the supplier. In order to ensure deep processing of milk will be used reverse osmosis unit, which will produce a concentrated whey, followed by drying it out to another business.

New technological equipment of the plant will provide high automation production, high quality products through deep cleaning milk for pre-preparation of raw materials, automatic process control system making cheese (raw material preparation, getting curd, forming and pressing, transportation forms and covers transportation to the curing division) the automatic washing station processing equipment, cheese molds and lids, automatic processing of whey protein consisting of cleaning, heat treatment and concentration, an automatic system for the care of cheeses.

A high level of innovation of the new plant, while maintaining the best traditions of cheese making elite cheeses should solve the main problem, to put the implementation of the project to ensure consistent quality of products, its awareness of and compliance with international standards.

The implementation of the investment project "Construction, acquisition and commissioning of equipment for the production of hard cheeses based on modern technology" was launched in January 2007.

The total cost of the project — 643.7 million rubles, including the amount of credit — 490.2 million rubles, from its own sources of 153.5 million rubles. Investment Commission edge supported a project in the form of subsidies to bank interest rates on loans. For the duration of the project from the regional budget for these purposes 33.2 million.

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