In the Altai region to develop livestock

"Agro-Siberia" Smolensk region of Altai Krai continues construction, reconstruction and modernization of animal husbandry. The new barn, designed for the maintenance of 330 heads, built in just one year. The project amounted to more than 20 million rubles features domestic and imported equipment.

Last year, the "Agro-Siberia" was put into operation at 200 skotomest barn, calf sheds under the "cold" method of breeding to the age of three and closed feedlots for group housing calves older.

For eight years, the number of cattle in this sector has increased by 4.2 times — as of November 1, the number is 3517, including 1,173 cows.

"Agro-Siberia" — one of the most advanced and successful economies of the Smolensk region of Altai Krai. It is a stable crop of grain, forage crops, increase livestock production. 

Since the beginning of this year, the economy started to work the edge of the object 122 to 142,000 breeding staging areas. 

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